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Users' Guide

Start with the Introduction. It establishes the method of the site and offers an overview of the sentence parts. Then move on to Verbs, which are the keys to their sentences. Subjects & Completers builds on what you know about Verbs, and so on. If you're new to sentence analysis, the chapters are most useful if you study them in sequence, but if you think that you already know the material covered by a chapter, you can verify your knowledge by completing the Review and Practice section before moving on to the next chapter. If you are working with a teacher, you can send your teacher the results of your Mastery Test for evaluation.

The ELL Tips are notes for new speakers of English. Individual tips are embedded wherever they are relevant in the first seven chapters and then compiled within the context of a final chapter that addresses some sentence structure details that often puzzle English Language Learners.

The site is under development. When it is completed, the following additional features will be explained in the users’ guide:
• Collecting and saving each chapter’s opening and closing paragraphs; sharing them with other users
• Saving the results of Review & Practice sections and Mastery Tests; sharing them with teachers
• Coordinating with online learning platforms
• Contact for questions and comments