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A subject + verb combination may need a word or group of words to sharpen or expand the possible interpretations of the sentence. That addition changes the sentence, so those words are called modifiers. When you are familiar with different kinds of modifiers, you can understand the choices available as you revise and clarify your written sentences. In this chapter you will learn that

  • a modifier adds to or limits the meaning of some sentence element.
  • modifiers are usually descriptive words or phrases.
  • a modifier can be a single word.
  • a modifier can be a prepositional phrase.
  • a modifier can be a verbal phrase or a dependent clause.
  • sentences can be combined by compounding their modifiers.
Pages to be developed for this chapter:

1 Your writing
2 How modifiers work
3 Single-word modifiers
4 Phrase modifiers
5 Verbals as modifiers
6 Multiple modifiers
7 Review and practice
8 Playing with structure
9 Return to your writing
10 Mastery Test

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