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Subjects and Completers

In sentences, every verb needs a subject. Together the subject and verb form the seed from which the sentence can grow. In many (but not all) sentences, the subject-verb combination needs one more piece to complete the core idea, so when you're analyzing a sentence, check to see if it has a completer. Watching for a verb's subject and completer will lead you to the basic structure of a sentence and will help you develop your own ideas in writing. In this chapter you will learn that

  • the subject in a statement usually answers the question "who or what (verb)?"
  • the subject in a question is usually between the two parts of the split verb.
  • a completer answers the question “(subject + verb) whom or what?”
  • the role of subject is usually played by a noun; sometimes a pronoun stands in
    place of the noun.
  • the role of completer can be played by a noun, pronoun, or a descriptive word.
  • sentences can be combined by compounding their subjects and/or completers.
Pages to be developed for this chapter:

1 Your writing
2 Finding subjects
3 Finding completers
4 Nouns and pronouns
5 Compounding subjects & completers
6 Review and practice
7 Playing with structure
8 Return to your writing
9 Mastery Test

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