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The life of a sentence is in its verb. Finding the verb is the key to analyzing a sentence. Further, if you know how verbs work, you can make informed choices among verb forms as you write and revise. In this chapter you will learn that

  • a verb usually starts the section of a sentence that tells what’s happening—what someone or something is doing or being.
  • a verb can be a combination of a main verb plus one or more auxiliaries.
  • a verb usually splits open in a negative statement.
  • a verb gives clues about the time of an event.
  • verbs appear in four different forms, some of which slip into other sentence roles.
  • sentences can be combined by compounding their verbs.
Pages to be developed for this chapter:

1 Your writing
2 Doing and being
3 Single and string verbs
4 Split verbs
5 Time in verbs
6 Four forms
7 Non-verb behavior
8 Compounding verbs
9 Review and practice
10 Playing with structure
11 Return to your writing
12 Mastery Test

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