Sentence Sense is under development, and the site search function will be applied upon completion of the full site.


Charles Darling was the visionary behind the transformation of Sentence Sense from book to website in 1999. After that, he moved on to develop his own Guide to Grammar and Writing, an internationally acclaimed online resource for writers at The projected revision of Sentence Sense is dedicated to his memory.

This preview of the revision (so far only the Introduction is completed) owes its development to a team of students at the University of California, Irvine. They worked in an Informatics class taught by Professor Hadar Ziv and assisted by Six Silberman and Tao Wang. The students—Pen Han Chang, Tsz Hang Ng, Derick Nguyen, Dylan Shigekawa, and Darien Vidaure—rose to multiple challenges and completed the task in March, 2015.

Many other people have helped to bring this website into focus and functionality. Some offered formative pulses, and others provided sustained advisory or technical support. Listed here only by name, they constitute a rich gathering of diverse talents and perspectives:

Anna Marie Basche, Jane Bronfman, Nancy Caddigan, Alexander Ellison, Richard Eriksen, Herschel Farbman, Diane Goldsmith, Andra Hibbert, Bardh Hoxha, Hollie Kinney, Douglas Kline, Jennifer Kriksciun, Carol Luckenbach, Megan Mangum, Steve Mazzetta, Colin O’Neal, Kathleen Paro, Amy Powell, Paul Reeves, Catherine Schackner, Jeffrey Scheur, David Schulz, Peggy Schuyler, Lisa Simmons, Joanna Taylor, Larry Weinstein, Ty Zemelsky

Over the 30 years of developing these materials—from mimeographed handouts to printed books to initial website publication and now to the present reboot—my family has contributed patience and humor as well as the necessary moral support for hauling this project out of ubiquitous blind alleys. I owe my deepest gratitude to Marvin, Herschel, and Daniel Farbman.